PTI has delivered innovation in a variety of industries for over 30 years. In polymers, metals (MIM) and ceramics (CIM), PTI pushed technology to lead precision manufacturing. A few highlights:

Leader in Aerospace Polymers:

  • 30 years R&D and manufacturing of Aircraft Countermeasure components
  • Experts in engineering resins and highly filled fiber-reinforced (carbon, aramid, glass) materials
  • Delivered first green degradable polymer countermeasures and R&D to the US Navy
  • First to replace metal chaff tubes with fiber-reinforced polymer

Leader in Aerospace MIM:

  • MIM + CIM Aerospace R&D: Novel fuel swirlers, turbine blades, assemblies
  • Inconel Aerospace Flow Body: largest nanufactured MIM component at the time
  • First to MIM solid tungsten countermeasure noseweight
  • Extensive rocket, missile, and UAV component manufacturing

Leaders in Medical:

  • Precision overmolding of orthopedic joint replacements
  • Extensive medical-grade PMMA and PLA bio-polymer implant development
  • Precision micro components: CIM trocars, MIM robotic surgical suture shuttles
  • Manufacturing process development of PEEK and PEKPEEK based implants