To deliver competitive advantages for our clients, push product innovation forward, or when no off-the-shelf material solution exists, PTI’s material science and development expertise allows us to formulate, tune, and tailor custom material solutions across industries.


  • Tune and customize material properties such as tensile strength, impact, elongation, abrasion resistance, lubricity, chemical and UV resistance, biocompatibility, electrical conductivity and ESD, heat deflection temperature,, as well as producing polymeric composites with carbon, aramid, or glass fiber reinforcing fills

Metals (MIM):

  • Tailor mechanical properties including density, tensile / compressive strength, elongation, surface finish and hardness via post sinter treatments, as well the ability to alloy on sinter


  • PTI is able to tune refractory ceramics for density and hardness, as well as produce metalized hybrids for high heat and pressure environments